Speakers' Agreement

Speakers and Course Trainers!

You are invited to join the Event Advisor community to build your business.

Our mission is to connect the right professionals at the right time. This means more people paying for what you do best. Event Advisor promises no setup fee. We only share 20% of the revenue from the audience we bring to you.

  • the account and profile can be published only after confirmation by the SPEAKERS themselves approve the information
  • SPEAKERS provide Event Advisor with the requested information, three available time slots and price for their presentation


The final price for the presentation and its timing is set up by speakers and can be only advised by Event Advisor. 

  • Event Advisor is charging 20% commission of the price and publishes the price applicable to users accordingly, based on the agreement of both sides.
  • Speakers will be paid by Event Advisor their fee right after their presentation. 


  • Once Speakers confirm their profile on the platform, they are obligated to deliver their presentations on the agreed date and time once there agreed number of the registrations paid. 
  • Speakers cannot change their setup slots after publishing it under their profile
  • In case the Speaker does not deliver his/her presentation, Event Advisor charges him with the fine of $1500 and remove the Speaker from the platform. 
  • Speaker agrees that Event Advisor and it's brand Only Relevant can promote the Speaker using the materials or content provided in advance to Event Advisor in the purpose of securing registrations and selling the Speaker's product and content.


Event Advisor is not responsible for the format, quality or technology that is used by the speaker to deliver the presentation. In case speakers need any help with the presentation or have any questions, they contact their Customer Care Manager: eva@eventadvisor.com, +421907627178

Event Advisor reserves the right to refuse to offer the presentation by any Speakers.


  • Event Advisor is responsible for setting up the Speaker's profile according to the agreement with the Speaker
  • Event Advisor is responsible for promoting and securing the registrations and follow the agreement points (time, capacity, length) with the Speaker
  • Event Advisor collects the reviews of the presentation and provides the Speaker with the feedback
  • Event Advisor offers CUSTOMER CARE Agent to help the Speakers with their inquiry


All courses documentation remains the copyright of Event Advisor and Speaker unless expressly agreed in writing between the Speaker and Event Advisor. 

In case there is a commercial use of Event Advisor, and it is platform outside of this agreement, on the purpose of organizing commercial events or unauthorized use of the Speaker's presentation, the fine of $20.000 plus VAT will be applied. 


While EVENT ADVISOR SHALL ENDEAVOUR to make all reasonable efforts to ensure the suitability of courses and consultancy work, it cannot accept any liability for loss, expense, or damage howsoever occasioned.


Speaker shall not at any time during or after the assignment divulge or allow to be divulged to any person any confidential information relating to the business or affairs of the Client or of customers of the Client which may have become known to him or her as a result of work is undertaken or services performed except with the permission of the Client.

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