How it works

1. Find your relevant session or your favourite speaker

2. Pre-register and wait if we fill the seats. You  share the costs with other professionals looking for the same speaker. 

3. The presentation happens only if we secure enough seats. HELP US WITH THAT and Share The Content with others!



  • ALL PRICES are quoted exclusive of VAT. 
  • PRICES are reduced based on the number of registered participants, equally. After you register, you are updated via email about further process to join the presentation.
  • PRE-REGISTRATION can be done on the particular session at $5 fee. After that, you are waiting whether the seats are filled and the presentation will happen. In case there is not enough seats sold, presentation won't happen and your registration fee is kept for another session. 
  • EXCLUSIVE presentation 1-on-1 can be booked after contacting Customer Care contact.



  • Payment is due at time of presentation upon agreement of the terms and conditions. 
  • Payment is not processed in case of cancellation. Read our canellation policy  



Payments that can be processed due to the wrong details against  payment terms could lead to cancellation fine and will be charged at a rate of 0.5% from the individual course price. 



All courses documentation remains the copyright of Event Advisor and or the course author unless specifically agreed in writing between the Client and Event Advisor. No part of the course documentation may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means which includes recording or videoing of a programme or a trainer, without the prior written permission of Event Advisor. Any unauthorised use of Event Advisor course material or Intellectual Property used in any course not delivered by Event Advisor used in internal Client courses will be subject to a charge of $20,000.00 plus VAT.