Inspired Solutions and Innovative Outcomes: BREAKING GENIUS VENDOR by JOHN KRUBSKI

Inspired Solutions and Innovative Outcomes: BREAKING GENIUS VENDOR by JOHN KRUBSKI

John Krubski
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LIMITED PLACES: 25 participants

For: Innovation and Change Management in Organizations.

Breaking Genius for Teams and Organizations is about getting teams of people to the highest level of creative problem solving and innovation.

Some twenty-five years ago, when I was working for a major market and social research organization, I realized that my clients didn’t really want data, they didn’t even want more information. What they craved was actionability!

One day, instead of data and insights, I offered our clients something new – same day actionability with a no-cost guarantee.

This was the offer I made: “You have a team of people who have been working on solving a problem or designing an innovation for what weeks, months, or years? Put them in a room with me for one day and at the end of that day I guarantee they will arrive at a consensus, create a common vision, and devise an action plan! If I fail to deliver, you don’t have to pay for the day.”

In more than 25 years, I haven’t left a single penny on the table.

Back then, the process was developing organically and we called it “Thinking Out Loud.”

Today it is the result of decades of academic research, improvement, and perfection – and it’s called Thinking Whole.

When applied to teams and organizations, we call it Breaking Genius. That’s because it leads to breaking down the barriers to creativity, breaking down the complex into the manageable, and “breaking in the direction of uncommonly ingenious and innovative solutions.”

The rudiments of Breaking Genius can be defined, taught, and learned in as little as 45 minutes and can affect you and your organization for a lifetime. It is also offered in the form of consulting, workshops, training, and certification.